Quiet, the heart of the most beautiful company

What is the best in the world? Conform to nature. What is the most beautiful in the world? Conform to the mind. Where is the world's most indifferent state? Abundance and peace of mind nuskin hk.

Like a fleeting time, in the quiet time count. The temperature of the wind and rain, the bitter sweet tea. Like to think in the quiet time, memories. The personnel of the helpless, quiet soul enron. Static as concise, hermit people no desire No. Cloud Qinglin, an Dusong forest.

Quiet, do not pretend to be greedy. Reverie. The strokes of spring water flower tree Rao chongming. Ann, reading the book of the ancients cloud. Static, can explain the soul of the United States and the United states.

The ancients said: water ear, green grass raising projects, Zeli Yangxin, Qin culture, Xiaoyao foot muscle nourishing nourishing, Enron, meditation.

Quiet, abandon vanity, overwhelming desire for power, with optimism, clean ice. Wang Wei said: "the rain shanguo fall, light grass insects." Its habitat is also: rain mountain fruit fall, static also. Light grass insects, downtown. Still go downtown also Zen, single. Be a retro also. Second also! You can see the ancient people also very natural, natural quiet downtown nuskin hk.

Quiet open heart, but not many words. Quiet heart, listen to the Zen temple. Quiet room light reading, his ambition. The mortal love the numerous bran, the wise man keeps clear.

In winter, snow falls calm. The spring rain. Holding a cup of warm heart, delicate tea natural fog. Peace properly nothing, will deliberately drunk sorrow.!

"Let it be, let me home. "

This year's, he never quiet.

It also ignores the reading "on busy night anxiang." Living in the girl's impulse! Mood: excitement, intense, lost, confused. A good way, let me home. Sit cross legged meditation: changes service apartment hong kong!

"For a long time, walking on the potential, reduce mental confusion, memory. Return to practice: the front River, behind Lin Yuan, left the city, right above the sun and the moon, on the rock cave.

Silent sigh! Eat fruit, drink ice, spit out the bustling, flow in. The wind to come with the rain under marsh wa. When you close your eyes and smile, when you get angry. The heat of the sun to warm the heart, wet moonlight cold cold sorrow.

Day in and day out, year after year, thousands of years of permanent Kai Fu, millions of years later is fossil!