Classic joke

1 a male deer, walking on the road, more and more quickly, and finally it became a highway
2 two tomato across the street, a car sped past, one Dodge was compressed, another tomato pointed to be squashed tomato laughed: haha haha, tomato sauce...
3 the wolf said: "I want to eat you!!!" Guess what almo nature?
The wolf ate the lamb
4 stone and rice cake fight, stone fly up a foot put rice cake kicked into the sea............
There is a pair of lovers private life, but the boys need to serve in the army, and the girl set oath, gave the girl a diamond ring, and promised to meet with the girls in the three years after this time, the ring as a wedding ring. Finally 3 years later, the girls have been waiting for the boys, but there was no, she was too sad, despair of her diamond ring thrown into the sea, to run away. However, the boy is also waiting for the girl, but the girl misunderstood the dating scene, so they never become a boy heartbroken regret... After a few years, the boy went out fishing, guess what he caught Filing Cabinet
Rice cake
5 Boiled dumplings are boys or girls
Answer the boy because Boiled dumplings have wrapping
6 a duck is yellow, the day he was hit by a car, he shouted: "quack! From then on he turned into a cucumber
7 the match stick suddenly feels that the head is very urticant, stretch hand to scratch, scratch to scratch to burn oneself...
8 once upon a time, there was a bird
He goes through a cornfield every day
But unfortunately
One day, there was a fire in the cornfield
All the corn has become popcorn
After the birds fly warrant calculator......
If it snows, it's cold...
9 when will Taiwan want unity?
When buying instant noodles
10 pine and cypress nothing gossip each time is getting.
Children's Day is the happiest time to remember the children."
Arbor: "the past ten years is the youth day."
In ten years is father's day."
Arbor: "a few decades is the festival for the elderly."