Silence and joy

Some people, some love, just like the natural scenery.
Shen Congwen wrote to Zhang Zhaohe's love letter, said, I have been in many parts of the bridge, seen a lot of times the clouds, drank a lot of kinds of wine, but only love a person at the best age. Zhang Zhaohe has refused, Shen Congwen is love, only love. Such a love for a woman, is undoubtedly the most beautiful scenery, if just like, this love is almost sacred. Ye Zhaoyan's novel "1937 love" reading on gentle love asked fishing is so sacred, "he only wants to pay and expression, do not care about returns and results, as long as the love is satisfied, as long as the love All thoughts are blasted" Google SEO.
This scenery is rare, the kind of good, not only to be loved, it is against the people. Give a clear, the last four words without a tie in the world, like a poem, "quiet joy".
Zhang Maoyuan's love for Li Kaidi, but also the power of silence. Eileen Chang mentioned Zhang Maoyuan in "aunt ana" one in the red light Phi Chardonnay, it is a token of love and Li Kaidi's aunt, aunt always treasure around. In the "aunt" in the end, Eileen Chang wrote her sigh, said: "looking at this piece of Xia, make people feel that life is meaningless." Yes, too little time, after half a century, in lean years, many Suhan Phi Chardonnay can thin italy.
Read a writer wrote the masterpieces love, said that "time has numerous events concentrated into beads, preserved for two people who love each other, count together in the evening, which is the joy of light Yunjuanyunshu, what is missing and the noise in the long, and the red dust past and young face". Look at the hearts of tracing the brocade picture, as if the past is embroidered with beautiful scenery perfect conjugal bliss. A river way, verdant vegetation, clean stream, two figure, full of flowers in spring and autumn, and the pan wave, can't breathe, the moon is also not afraid scared birds don't branch, this volume, disturbing beautiful love Neo skin lab derma21.
But this one roll Jin, in the end is cool. People this love, the only branch can depend on, but no place to rely on, only empty years, looking old heart has, in the end is cool and cool. But Zhang Maoyuan in such a picture, you Qing self-restraint, self king.
Unwilling to have had it? Have you ever had a cold heart? Empty body for 50 years, 78 years old become his bride, this last spring scenery, youth, people can see only their own.
In the face of a delightful scenery, the eyes of flowers in full bloom, heart Diewu buzz, but the moment to usher in the thrilling, is a moment of silence, then smile, full satisfaction. That would be good. Who is also a scenic spot, is different, too tempted to move lung, regardless of tangled, difficult to have this passion so quiet, impetuous hit, acupuncture eyes, heart hurt, and the scenery is no longer Neo skin lab derma21.
I wanted to write a beautiful novel, "I" after she left, guarding the windowsill, raise some flowers, half rose window, open the simple, charming; a pink sweater hung. This one room, one person, the scenery is infinite, the person is prosperous; silent, and the sweater dancing. Beyond the story, there may have been a deep love for her, and she longed to go through the winter with a man who had been through the sweater. Even if not love, I still like sinrong Langyue, Zhuo eyes empty flower, quiet joy.