Coffee, enjoy life

To life, rice tea daily necessaries. And for both of us, life is more about love and dreams. Love needs a man, need a woman, the man and the woman is what? Far from that, almost like this coffee beans and air, the oxidation process is exciting, boring! So love topic, talk more, and finally remember the feeling of their own experience, can not share. Many people love to talk about love, friends, and family, talk about it, talk about it, the chastity aeriality about its affectation. Can be more stubborn nonsense can not transform the understanding of the love of others, indifferent to share the interesting HKUE ENG. There is a famous saying, like love is the same as the dream. But dreams do not need anything, the day can be a dream, the night can be a dream. At that time, I go all the way, only the dream never abandon a person into the depths of his support, years of quiet, like a flower. And that for years, the depth of the rings on the floating algae crumple, fate is waiting for us, the melancholy of wandering, hope is fascinating, fear of the break. Do you have this dream, get rid of the fate of the shackles, to protect the purity of the garden visible before the eyes, you can finally enjoy the happy wake up until hibernation. And after awakening, the dream is no longer mysterious, it has become a part of life - experience. Like coffee and milk, changed its original color, consistency and taste, but it can not cover up the bitter and sweet life. Half of my coffee time thinking.
The remaining half of the time, I carefully read the diffuse coffee, when the temperature is just right, Luzhou flavor also has faded. After three years of waiting out the first flower flower coffee and then after four months of fruit, a bulging coffee fruit drying out two beans, after grinding finally brewed, the most happy in its long life time is here with the praise of evanescent moment tourism online training.
Smell the smell of coffee so I can not help but guess where it comes from, probably Hainan, or Yunnan, Hainan coffee beans are dry Tan, Yunnan is wet, I tend to dry Tan coffee, clear and dry season sun coffee will probably be more personality, but this is only a logical reasoning. I drink the coffee strong no passion, it must be Yunnan's coffee, but I soon put it out of my mind, because it is called "Columbia coffee", it will be a pure "Columbia coffee"? Brewing out color is emerald general transparent, no wine flavor and admirable fruit flavor. But the good taste is not bad, a shop can cook the taste of such a good coffee is also very good. Mention Columbia, people probably choose it because it is sweet fragrant, understated elegance, and less as the production of coffee. Think of coffee name, known as cat feces coffee, Blue Mountain Coffee, dubbed the name like Cuban coffee, Brazil Coffee, Hawaii port to Yemen coffee and named as Mocha coffee, cappuccino, name is more abundant. These coffee in the name of Mocha port the twists and turns, has now been silt sealed, former glory now go down through the ages, but no longer copy, and then a meaningful is the national flower of Yemen was identified as the coffee, Yemen is also the first to start planting coffee country. Later coffee became the second largest trade in the Arabia Peninsula oil. The coffee from the mysterious Arabia far to Europe for the first time in 1884, China planted successfully in Taiwan, Yunnan, Dali and later introduced, in 50s the introduction of Hainan, spread the long process of carrying the history also records the vicissitudes. Now, coffee is everywhere ielts writing.
In full bloom in time in coffee, it won't be too light flash, too crowded in the city, the heart is too many eyes hazy, and embracing who accompany it heart is the field of the old time, even if it moved, it is still pure and simple. And I met it in a cold afternoon, read its story, enjoy the most romantic confessions and a warm promise. And a short company will depart. There will be a circle ring is to accompany me, and that is good.