Womens Role in Society of China

referring to women’s role in society of china, the first word coming to my mind is “change”. especially in 20th century, women’s role has changed dramatically in terms of both status and variety Dentist.
in the old society of china, women, in general, were inferior to men. women were to remain ignorant and to obey--first, their fathers; after marriage, their husbands; during widowhood , their sons. the major role of women, considered the private property of men, was to please their husbands and to bear children. symbolic of women's subservience was the practice of binding women's feet which lasted nearly 1,000 years. www•
as time goes on, the society is developing constantly in all fields Implant. women's role in society of china has been undergoing great changes. to sum up the situation, women become more independent. they have the right to receive education and go to the job markets to find jobs. from working as nurses and teachers to working as doctors, engineers and managers, women are no longer confined to work in certain fields. they even surpass men in some jobs which used to be occupied by men. with women’s abilities being recognized, they are receiving more and more respect from the society.
still, there exist some problems. especially in some rural areas, women are still in a lower position. they have to obey their husbands and are almost illiterate. therefore, women still have a long way to go towards a completely equal society.
all in all, women’s role in society of china is being made various and significant , which is certainly the trend of the whole world’s development research.