Nissan models debuting in Shanghai meet diverse needs of China market

Nissan debuted a series of new models with innovative technologies and design on April 19 at the ongoing Auto Shanghai 2017, bringing Chinese customers a range of vehicles to meet their diverse needs.

The Nissan Kicks crossover, Navara pickup and Vmotion 2.0 concept car made their China premiere at the 17th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. The newly introduced Nissan X-Trail sport utility vehicle will also be displayed.

The models add to the lineup of vehicles bringing Nissan Intelligent Mobility, demonstrating Nissan's research and development direction to customers in China. Nissan Intelligent Mobility enables autonomous driving, electrification and connectivity while making driving more enjoyable. Visitors may experience the benefits of these innovations at the Nissan Intelligent Mobility Experience Corner.

"Nissan is proud to participate in the world-class Shanghai auto show and showcase our Vmotion 2.0 design concept and three new models," said Daniele Schillaci, Nissan's executive vice-president for global marketing and sales, zero-emission vehicles and battery business. He is also the chairman of the Management Committee for Japan, Asia and Oceania.

"We are confident that the new Nissan X-Trail, the Nissan Navara and the Nissan Kicks will meet the diverse needs of our customers in China and help make driving safer and more exciting for them."

Kicks crossover

The Kicks is expected to set a new benchmark for entry-level SUVs and further strengthens Nissan's SUV lineup in China. The Kicks revolutionizes the compact crossover segment with its fresh, youthful design and spacious, comfortable interior. It features characteristics important to the "Dare to Dream" generation, born in China after 1990, including their focus on modernism and a passion for well-designed products.

New X-Trail

The X-Trail, one of Nissan's best-selling SUVs in China, debuted on April 6 in China and is scheduled to be sold in about 150 markets worldwide this year. Delivering an outstanding, sporty drive, the new X-Trail's refreshed exterior reflects a high sense of style. The interior features a new D-shaped steering wheel and optimized space, including a flexible 5- or 7-seat arrangement.

Navara pickup

The Navara, Nissan's first SUV-grade pickup to premiere in China, meets consumers' demand for smart, tough, high-performance pickups. It features Nissan's signature "V-motion" grille and futuristic headlights. The cabin's spacious interior makes for a comfortable ride. The Navara's 7-speed automatic transmission, the first of its kind in China, delivers top performance and power. The model will be manufactured for the Chinese market at Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co.

Vmotion 2.0 concept

The Vmotion 2.0 concept car demonstrates the future direction of Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology and sedan design. A distinctive style, emotional design, roomy interior, supreme comfort and high technology combine to create a seamless mobility experience. The Vmotion 2.0's ProPILOT technology is envisioned to ultimately let the car drive in autonomous mode on highways, in heavy traffic and on city streets.

Over 100 killed in Aleppo blast

Attack made in car carrying food aid to rebel-held area

BEIRUT - A stalled population transfer resumed on Saturday after a deadly explosion killed at least 100, including children, government supporters and opposition fighters, at an evacuation point adding new urgency to the widely criticized operation.

The blast ripped through a bus depot in the Rashideen area where thousands of government loyalists evacuated the day before waited restlessly for hours, as opposition fighters guarded the area while negotiators bickered over the completion of the transfer deal. Only meters away, hundreds of evacuees from pro-rebels areas also loitered in a walled-off parking lot, guarded by government troops Dream beauty pro hard sell.

Footage from the scene showed bodies, including those of fighters, lying alongside buses, some of which were charred and others gutted from the blast. Personal belongings could be seen dangling out of the windows. Fires raged from a number of vehicles as rescuers struggled to put them out.

The so-called Jaish al-Islam claimed responsibility for the attack against the evacuees, who were stuck in the rebel-held area of Rashideen west of Aleppo waiting for their transportation toward government-controlled areas in Aleppo dr bk laser.

The scenes were the latest in the unyielding bloodshed Syrians are living through. Earlier this month, at least 89 people were killed in a chemical attack as children foaming at the mouth and adults gasping for breath were also caught on camera.

The bloody mayhem that followed the Saturday attack only deepened the resentment of the transfer criticized as population engineering. It also reflected the chaos surrounding negotiations between the warring parties. The United Nations did not oversee the transfer deal of the villages of Foua and Kfraya, besieged by the rebels, and Madaya and Zabadani, encircled by the government.

Pro-government media and the opposition exchanged accusations, each pointing to foreign interference or conspiracies undermining the deal.

State TV al-Ikhbariya said the attack was the result of a car bomb carrying food aid to be delivered to the evacuees in the rebel-held area, ostensibly crisps for the children, and accused rebel groups of carrying it out. A TV broadcaster from the area said: "There can be no life with the terrorist groups apartment hong kong."

"I know nothing of my family. I can't find them," said a woman who appeared on al-Ikhbariya, weeping outside the state hospital in Aleppo where the wounded were transported.

Ahrar al-Sham, the rebel group that negotiated the deal, denounced the "cowardly" attack, saying a number of opposition fighters as well as government supporters were killed in the attack. The group said the attack only serves to deflect the attention from government "crimes" and said it was ready to cooperate with an international probe to determine who did it.

Yasser Abdelatif, a media official for Ahrar al-Sham, said about 30 rebel gunmen were killed in the blast. He accused the government or extremist rebel groups of orchestrating the attack to discredit the opposition.

Stepping lively

A Chinese teacher and performer of Irish dance hopes to tap growing interest in the genre's fancy footwork in her homeland. Xing Yi reports serviced apartment hong kong.

It's 7 pm. The clerks leave. The melody of Riverdance starts.

"One, two-one, two, three, go!" Wu Dan says to the other five dancers.

A unison of rat-a-tat-tat clicks and clacks resound in rapid fire in a meeting room-turned-ballroom at Beijing's Junefield Sogo building QV baby.

This is a weekly two-hour practice of The Irish Dancers, a Chinese group of Irish step-dance lovers consisting of students, office workers and retirees.

Wu is their troupe leader.

"The boss of this company is also our member, so he allows us to practice in this room," says Wu, who meets with the dancers on Monday and Thursday evenings.

The Chinese word for Irish step dance-tita-is onomatopoeic for the sound created by the quick foot movements and brisk beats of shoes tippity-tapping against the floor.

Despite the popularity of the world-renowned Irish performance Riverdance since its 1994 debut, the genre is rarely practiced by Chinese. But those who undertake it are diehard Hongkong prepaid sim.

"They've all danced tita for more than 10 years," Wu says of the dancers in the room.